GPS Receivers &

GPS receivers and antennas accurately determine the orbital position of the satellite, track orbit manoeuvres and send/ receive GPS Telemetry.


The NSS GPS Receivers are a 12-channel, hardware-based receiver which utilises a well-established GPS chipset. This GPS chipset has been successfully flown by a number of organisations over many years. Targeted towards low-cost SmallSat constellations, it has been adapted for space altitude and velocity through the use of custom software modifications. The NSS GPS-01 includes an unregulated, isolated 28V power input and differential interfaces. They employ latch-up detection/ protection and a watchdog timer for increased reliability and robustness.

• 12-channel L1 receiver
• Small size and low mass
• Radiation tolerant COTS
• Simple to interface

• Accurate determination of orbital position
• Accurate knowledge of time
• Orbit maneuvers
• Time and/or position stamping of payload data

The NewSpace Systems (NSS) GPS Receivers utilise the well-known Zarlink chipset, which has been flying for more than a decade. To date, >60 Receivers and >70 Antennae have been delivered globally to a variety of international missions and constellation programmes. Baselined on 4 constellations, the NSS GPS Receiver and Antenna is TRL 9 with in-orbit heritage.