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NewSpace Systems is a South African, privately owned advanced manufacturer of “lean”, high-quality space components and sub-systems.

NewSpace Systems (NSS) is an advanced manufacturer of robust satellite sub-systems and components with facilities in both South Africa and The United Kingdom. Particularly strong in the area of Attitude Control Solutions; NSS predominantly focuses on excelling in the operational constellation market. Committed to delivering on high-quality components and services, NSS has state-of-the-art facilities which include ISO 14644-1 certified cleanrooms and ESA accredited technicians who work according to the rigorous ECSS standards. Representing a unique capability on the African continent, the NSS team also offers its partners and clients extended services such as technology commercialization and contract manufacturing.

Experts In

  • Reaction Wheels
  • Sun Sensors
  • GPS Receivers
  • GPS Antennas
  • Magnetometers
  • Magnetorquer Rods
  • Star Mappers
  • Cubesat Attitude Control solutions
  • Propulsion Systems solutions
  • Ground Station solutions

James Barrington-Brown, CEO

Our Business Philosophy

Lean (liːn) adjective. To us this word encompasses what our clients can expect from NewSpace. A philosophy that promises tailored, fit for purpose, components and sub-systems of a guaranteed high quality. No more and no less than exactly what each mission requires. Investing in the (re)qualication of technology, existing or proof-of-concept design and its commercialisation, NewSpace remains competitive as a result of our:

Unique Cleanroom Facilities

Our ISO 14644-1 certified cleanroom facility makes use of ESA-approved flight materials and the rigorous ECSS manufacturing standards. Expansion scheduled for Q3 of 2016.

ESA Certified Technicians

At NewSpace we ensure continued upskilling of our staff and the ESA certification of our cleanroom artisans.

Continual R&D

Actively pursuing flight qualification and new product development, in-house or via unique partnerships, NewSpace continues to improve and optimise its product offerings.


Combined Years of Experience in the Space Industry


Years of Production


Major Space Organisations Supplied


Components Sold

Our Products

NewSpace continually strives to develop its catalogue, either in-house or via partnerships, to assure our clients lean, high-quality components and sub-systems that perfectly satisfy their missions.

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Small Sat

Fine (Digital) Sun Sensor


Reaction Wheel


GPS Receiver

Patch Antenna




Cubesat Sun Sensor

Cubesat Magnetorquer

Cubesat ACS Board

Under Development

Star Mapper

Stellar Gyro

Our Management

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19-21 NOV 2019

Bremen – Germany

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