May 6, 2021

NewSpace Systems Opens Oceania Subsidiary

The incorporation of NewSpace Systems Limited (NSS NZ), a New Zealand based subsidiary of NewSpace Systems (Pty) Ltd., was officially concluded last month. According to Mr. James Barrington-Brown, CEO of the parent company, “geographical expansion is the next logical step as NewSpace Systems continues to grow its customer base and product line. Discussions with the New Zealand Space Agency, alongside academic and commercial organisations in the country, convinced us that New Zealand is the perfect location for accessing the rapidly growing opportunities in the Australasian and South-East Asian region”.

NewSpace Systems’ ISO 14644-1, Class 7, Certified Cleanroom Facilities, South Africa

Heading up the Oceania branch in the position of Managing Director is Mr. Mark Honeth. Mark, who is a former design engineer for the parent company, states “I’m very glad to be part of the NewSpace Systems team once again. When I started at [the parent company] six years ago, it was a fledgling company with only a handful of employees. It has since grown to be a global industry player, as is evident with the incorporation of our subsidiary in New Zealand. This step will enhance support of the company’s existing clients in the Asia-Pacific region, and opens up new opportunities to bolster New Zealand’s already impressive standing in the international space community. I look forward to exploring the possibilities in my new role.”

Currently NewSpace is sponsoring a PhD student from the Space Institute at Auckland University, who is a key local partner, and is working with NewSpace to develop a range of exciting new products including the next generation of Reaction Wheel Assemblies and various types of deployable spacecraft structures. According to Prof. Guglielmo S Aglietti, Professor of Space Engineering and Director of the Space Institute at Auckland University, “collaboration and cooperation between industry and academia is key to a thriving high-tech ecosystem in which cutting edge research and development creates valuable commercial opportunities.  Drawing on local as well as international talent will also strengthen connections with the global space economy and build a future-ready workforce for the benefit of the whole country. It is great to see successful international companies like NewSpace Systems establishing a presence in New Zealand. Their experience and capabilities will make a valuable contribution to our national space sector”.