GLIDE-2 Parafoil System

Glide2 is designed and developed by NSS-UK, with support from the UK Space Agency and ESA under the GSTP program.

For additional information regarding the glide-2 parafoil system, please contact NewSpace Systems Ltd (NSS-UK) directly.

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– Payload weights up to 2500Kg
– Landing accuracy better than 50m
– Fully reusable


A UK SME, NewSpace Systems Ltd, supported by the UK Space Agency, has been awarded a contract from ESA under the Agency’s GSTP program to study and define the architecture for a GPS guided parafoil system targeted at the precision recovery/return of payloads, rocket boosters and space vehicles from space. 

The study is based on using the company’s existing Glide2 GPS cargo delivery system concept. Glide2 delivers cargo to within fifty metres of a predefined landing site from high altitudes.

This study will examine the possible extension of the existing concept and architecture to be adapted for the return of a payload from space to a predefined landing zone. The project will include a study into novel methods of obtaining improved landing accuracy.

The simulation work will be done by Vorticity Ltd, another UK SME. Vorticity’s part in the study advances European capability for parafoil system design and simulation, which may be used to support future missions involving parafoils.

Based on the result of the study, the aim is to develop a proof-of-concept demonstrator by the end of 2024 that is able to return payloads up to 2500kg.

John Moth MD stated, “This GSTP funding will allow us to develop a range of products aimed at the rapidly expanding reusability market and open up new markets for NewSpace Systems.”

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