Space- proven

A unique manufacturing capability on the African continent.

NewSpace Systems scope of work includes the design, manufacture, and test of high reliability systems and sub-systems for spacecraft and aerial platforms as well as the design and build of functional test systems, including the development of software, for verification of high reliability equipment.

NewSpace Systems is committed to monitoring, achieving, reviewing and maintaining a level of performance that enhances the Company’s reputation with its customers in all areas of its operation and satisfies, as a minimum, defined objectives including the key areas of quality, cost, and delivery, using the ISO9001 framework / requirements and is committed to ISO 9001 objectives.

The company will drive continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, well defined performance measurement, employee participation, best practices, and customer and supplier surveys.

NewSpace Systems will make available resources, develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment, and accountability through appropriate development programmes and show strong management involvement and commitment. In addition, all staff within the company will be accountable for the quality of their own work. NewSpace Systems strives to be a world class manufacturing facility and are committed to achieving space manufacturing standards and a business management structure that complies with ISO 9001.

We realise that only by providing an outstanding service and product quality that we can justifiably be proud of, will we achieve our aims of long term success.

James Barrington-Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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NewSpace Systems (Pty) Ltd has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
to the following Management System Standard: ISO 9001:2015

The Management System is applicable to:

Space Systems:
The design, manufacture and test of high reliability systems and sub-systems
for spacecraft and aerial platforms. Manufactured and assembled within an
ISO class 7 (class 10,000) cleanroom

Ground Systems:
The design, build within our own facilities, functional test systems, including
the development of software for verification of high reliability equipment

Certificate available for download here.

Boasting a unique capability on the African continent, our ISO certified cleanroom facility makes use of ESA-approved flight materials and the rigorous ECSS manufacturing standards. 

All our cleanroom areas are continuously tested to ensure we meet the air cleanliness classification requirements of the international Standard, Iso 14644-1 :2015.

Certificate available for download here.

At NewSpace we ensure continued upskilling of our staff and the ESA accreditation of our cleanroom technicians.

Certificates available upon request.


If you are ever in sunny South Africa, we would love welcoming you to a tour of our facilities!